Empty pallet warehouse

The empty pallet warehouse is a device that allows the automatic feeding of pallets on the line , guaranteeing system autonomy. The vertical movement is motorised and the pallet stacks are gripped with pneumatic movement.

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Reliable and state-of-the-art handling systems

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The empty pallet storage device responds to the need to deposit empty pallets on one side and supply the production line on the other. The operator deposits the empty pallets in the warehouse and the automatic device equipped with its conveyor will dispense the pallet on the line to receive the product.

The warehouse is automatically replenished by the line and can be used in case of space shortages within the company.


Systems that do not require maintenance

The pallet warehouse allows the handling of any type of pallet and adequate autonomy to the system, as it performs the automatic refilling of the pallets in the loading station. The structure reinforced with steel sheets ensures additional resistance against any accidental impacts.

The feed mechanism has no parts that require lubrication, thus eliminating any type of maintenance. In addition, there are sensors that indicate the presence of the pallet and when the warehouse is low.

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