Industrial automation production for third parties

Among the industrial automation companies, Key-Log stands out for the quality and competence that has always distinguished its work.

The company places its proven experience at the service of industries in any sector and, by constantly updating the technical and professional training of the personnel employed, has managed to assert its presence also on the foreign market.

Quality, competence and courtesy are the characteristics that have always distinguished it from the competition, enhancing the high quality of its service and emphasising the innovative technology that distinguishes all the industrial automation systems being supplied.

Key-Log carries out the construction on behalf of third parties of elevating belts and pallet conveyors in general, offering “turnkey” solutions. The automation systems supplied are able to make the entire production capacity of the client company more flexible and reduce fixed production costs.


An important point of reference in this sector

Our company establishes itself on the market as a valid reference point for industries as it specialises in the design and production, upon specific customer request, of industrial automation systems that concern the handling and transportation of pallets.

Thanks to its entrepreneurial vitality, it successfully develops its own know-how in a short space of time which makes it an important point of reference in this sector.

The company structure consisting of highly qualified workers allows the identification of optimal solutions through the study, design and construction of machinery and automated systems with high technological content . The application of the quality system and the pre- and after-sales assistance services are the guarantees we offer to our customers.

The quality of our systems has already enhanced the logistics of a number of specific sectors, designing and producing:

  • Pallet elevators
  • Roller conveyors
  • Shuttles
  • Catenaries
  • Corner diverters
  • Rotating platforms
  • Stackers
  • Empty pallet storage points
  • Modular belts
  • Cartesian telescopic palletisers
  • Belts with Intralox conveyor

Industry 4.0

We design and build automatic machines used to automate the phases of industrial production. We therefore offer our services as a trusted partner for the custom development of automatic systems and systems for the handling and storage of pallets in the national and international market of various industrial sectors.

The key ideas on which we develop the projects arise from the need to qualify and quantify the production processes in order to achieve simpler and more efficient management , studying multifunctional solutions that can be used to reduce space and resources and that integrate fully with existing systems.

The fundamental element that allows all this is the same on which the new form of Industry 4.0 is based: communication. Communicate to create collaboration, through new production technologies and IT infrastructures, between the automatic machine and every element of the company, from the operator to the computer, working in symbiosis with our own structure.

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