About us

Key-Log Srl was created from the decennial experience of the founders to offer customised industrial automations according to the specific needs of the customer.  The company, located in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena , oversees every production aspect, from the first design of the palletising systems, to the after-sales assistance, to offer a complete, reliable and professional service that can always be trusted.

Our systems aim to optimise the palletising of goods by intervening with the automation of the process to save time and resources.

For this purpose, we make our knowledge and experience available for the design and production of extremely efficient and reliable systems for the handling and storage of pallets, complete with safety devices according to the current CE regulations.

Don’t know who to use for the customised production of motorised idle roller belts? Contact us! We are located in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena.



We deal with the design and customised production of automated systems for the handling of pallets such as: pallet elevators, roller conveyors, shuttles, catenaries, corner diverters, rotating platforms, stackers, empty pallet storage points, modular belts, Cartesian telescopic palletisers and Intralox conveyor belts.

Our key word: innovation

For us, the term industrial automation is synonymous with innovation: our team is able to offer ad hoc solutions for every type of requirement through an approach in which research and development guide the creation of our machines. It is always possible to create new complete turnkey systems as well as to implement single pieces of equipment within lines and factories already in operation.


Attention to detail

Each of our products is unique, as it is the result of a study carried out alongside the customer to meet their specific needs. We build systems in full compliance with workplace safety regulations and in accordance with the EC machinery directive. The construction dimensions and all the technical characteristics can be agreed with the customer during the estimate phase. We design, assemble and deliver ready-to-use machines for any product sector.

Company figures


Fausto Paglia

Technical and sales manager


Paola Veratti

Purchasing Manager

Our History

Innovation is our strength

Ours is a young company that makes use of the decennial experience of its founders to guarantee innovative products and services, of quality and in the pre-established times in agreement with the customer.


A qualified and efficient team

The entire company team is ready to manage all types of orders: thanks to the designers and specialist technicians, every need in terms of industrial automation is taken care of step by step, from the feasibility assessment to the after-sales assistance, both remotely and at the customer’s location.


Freight handling design

Flexibility and problem-solving allow us, right from the feasibility study, to identify the ideal solution for the customer while respecting high quality standards. Our engineers, strengthened by many years of experience in the industrial automation sector, are able to follow every order, carefully assessing needs and objectives in order to arrive in certain times at the ideal product for the customer.