Motorized roller conveyors for handling pallets

Our company, specializes in the production of automated systems for the handling of goods in packages, designs and manufactures motorized roller conveyors for the transportation of boxes and pallets of various types, characterized by particular strength and rigidity.

Our conveyor belts are made to measure, according to the specific needs of the customer and in full compliance with safety at work regulations and in accordance with the EC machinery directive. The construction dimensions and all the technical characteristics are discussed with the customer during the estimate phase.

The roller conveyors can be cylindrical or conical rollers, idle, motorized or friction-based, with belts, or roller chains. Due to ease of use and reliability, they represent the most suitable and functional solution for handling on a horizontal plane, at low and medium speeds. Boxes, pallets, drums and a whole series of products, which can be remarkably heavy, can be accommodated on a regular support surface.

 If you are looking for a company that produces custom motorized roller conveyors, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our conveyor belts can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel.


High modularity and extreme reliability

Motorised roller conveyors are types of industrial conveyors that allow the movement of material, components or finished products from one part of the production cycle to another in an automated manner and without the use of personnel. These automatic handling systems, in fact, connect the various industrial machines, transporting the loads autonomously and with absolute precision, for example in the final phase of the cycle when the products are being prepared for shipment.

We design and manufacture a wide range of roller conveyors for applications in a wide variety of product sectors, capable of successfully satisfying any need for internal handling. High modularity and extreme reliability are the distinctive elements that identify our solutions and, more generally, all of our production, which has always been renowned for its particular mechanical strength, reliability and high construction care.


Maximum precision and speed

The roller conveyors are used in particular in warehouses and storage environments, where the pallets are   transported autonomously and mechanised, quickly and with maximum precision.

These automated handling systems have become an integral part of the modern industrial and manufacturing process. Whether it is boxes or small and large packs, the conveyor roller conveyors provide a fast, effective and economic service in the handling of material in the production chain.

We design and market various types of roller conveyors, generally divided according to purpose and functionality that allow the transportation of both light and heavy loads. The dimensions of the roller conveyors and the step between the rollers can be customised to allow a final product that perfectly corresponds to the customer’s requirements.

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