Diverters for loaded and empty pallets

The corner diverters for pallets are made with a roller and chain system ; they are used to make 90 ° movements on roller conveyors and to move the load between one roller conveyor and another.

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If you need a diverter for pallets, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our solutions optimise and give maximum flexibility to pallet handling.


We satisfy all requests for size, configuration and speed dictated by the customer

The diverter for roller and chain pallets consists of a roller conveyor and a chain conveyor, placed at right angles to each other, which allow the pallet’s axis of advancement to be changed by 90°. The chain conveyor, at the junction point with the roller conveyor, tilts with a vertical movement, allowing the palletised load to pass from one conveyor to another.

Thanks to a modular design, the diverters that we produce are able to satisfy all requirements in terms of size, configuration and speed dictated by the customer.

The sectors of use include the food and beverage industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and logistics.


We pay the utmost attention to site inspection

The machines for industrial handling and automatic industrial handling systems are studied and designed by us in order to optimise the work flow, the customer’s production requirements and the structural needs of the building.

The carrying out of an inspection at the customer’s premises is the first phase to which our company pays the utmost attention.  This is followed by the design and construction that is customised according to customer’s requirements.

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