Industrial handling systems

As a leading manufacturer of bespoke industrial handling systems, we provide the design and construction of Intralox conveyor belts , which have set the standards in terms of performance and reliability for a wide range of applications and sectors.

These special modular conveyor belts offer numerous advantages, excellent performance and ensure long life in applications for:

  • Food products (meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, snacks, baked goods)
  • Drinks (soft drinks, beer, water)
  • Making cans
  • Automotive industry/tyre manufacturing
  • Etc.

In addition to these special conveyor belts, we are able to provide customised systems based on the needs of each customer . We offer personalised advice in order to ensure that the system to be built meets the transportation, production and performance needs of an increasingly demanding market.

If you are looking for a company that deals with the production of lines for the transportation and storage of packages, do not hesitate to contact us! We perform the construction of customised systems for logistics and for many other product sectors.


Sturdiness, lightness and modularity

Modular belts find their main application in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Sturdiness, lightness and modularity are the strengths of these conveyors. They are suitable for the horizontal or inclined transportation of different types of product.

Continuous innovation, combined with advanced digital technologies, allows us to act as an ideal partner to be used for the creation of special belts.

The handling systems supplied by us are designed to allow the possibility of designing easily modifiable modular systems   and simple maintenance in order to reduce, if not eliminate, downtime (and consequently to decrease the related economic losses). For this reason our technical office is able to design ad hoc solutions for all our customers.

Whatever the weight of the load to be transported, its shape or the context of insertion of the conveyor, we will be happy to design the best solution at the best price.


Solutions designed to improve the transportation and storage of goods

Ours is a leading company in Italy for the design and construction of automatic handling systems for industrial logistics. The offer includes a wide range of solutions designed to improve the transportation and storage of goods.

Our proposal includes different solutions suitable for any product sector.

Strengthened by solid experience in the sector, a widespread network of contacts and the constant updating of technologies, we offer our services to the domestic and foreign markets. The design studio follows the customer from the first consultation to the assembly of the systems created.

For more details on our special systems, do not hesitate to contact us.