Pallet elevators and descenders

The elevators and descenders for pallets made by our company are identified by solid reliability and robust construction.

These automated pallet handling systems are a fundamental component of industrial automation and represent a strategic choice for a large number of sectors and production areas. One of the key aspects that distinguishes their potential is the wide flexibility in terms of implementation and customization. It is possible to complete each elevator and descender for pallets with a variety of equipment pieces and accessories, such as roller or chain conveyors, loading or storage bays at desired height, and any other automation and palletized goods handling devices required.

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Tracks up to 35 meters

Thanks to the consolidated experience in the sector, we consider ourselves as ideal partners for every need in the field of industrial automation . The elevators and descenders for pallets made and installed by us are the result of a tailor-made design , starting from the specifications of each individual customer. Whether it is the construction of new turnkey systems or the supply of individual pieces of equipment for automated logistics already in operation, we have the most suitable solution for every need. The quality of each item is guaranteed by the tests that are conducted before delivery by our specialist personnel. While to guarantee maximum reliability, our assistance service is always available for any after-sales intervention .

Used to transfer goods vertically between floors at different heights, the pallet elevators are widely used in situations of interlocking buildings and shelves on multiple levels. Our solutions are able to move multiple pallets simultaneously for each operating cycle, transiting tracks of up to 35 meters . Available in indoor or outdoor execution and with various access configurations, the elevators we make are suitable to be easily integrated into both new and existing structures.


Customised design

Thanks to the robust, fully self-supporting metal structure, our elevators do not require the construction of runways or reinforced concrete structures. Furthermore, depending on the number of drives, the track and the speed, the lifting system can be hydraulically operated, with direct or indirect side cylinder, or electromechanically, with chain and counterweight transmission system.

The pallet elevators can be created in a semi-automatic version with manual loading and unloading or in an automatic version, combined with systems for translating the load with chains or motorised rollers.

All the solutions we propose are equipped with the most advanced mechanical and electronic safety systems, in full compliance with the European regulations regarding transportation and lifting systems.

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