Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are suitable for the handling and transport of pallets along various stages of the production line. These solutions represent an alternative to roller conveyors and can be created with two or more branches of chains.

The chain conveyor, also called redler, is suitable for the horizontal handling of pallets or roll containers. They are the most reliable for loading silos, warehouses and processing machines regarding duration and work resistance.

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We guarantee full transportation safety

This type of conveyor is used whenever the pallet has to move in a direction in which the support surface does not guarantee the minimum dimensions to be able to roll on rollers. An example of this are the Europallet pallets which when moving with the larger front facing dimension offer a support dimension of approximately 120mm. This dimension does not allow safe rolling of the pallet on the roller. In these conditions the chain conveyor is used, as it offers continuous support on three lines. The chain runs on steel guides inside hulls made of folded sheet metal. The use of the three chains guarantees transportation safety  avoiding the danger of overturning and also allowing the conveying of damaged pallets.


Conveyors suitable for intense and prolonged use

As mentioned above, chain conveyors are used for the handling of pallets or roll containers : for the various dimensions of the pallets and their weight they are made with two or three rows of chains.

The specially designed components that assemble the machine make it very robust and reliable , suitable for intense and prolonged use .

The machine is fully configurable including the casing material, the shape of the chain vanes, the chain guide, as well as to the possibility of inserting a double base or specially designed shutters for defined intermediate offloads. All these configurations make the chain conveyor suitable for multiple uses , always maintaining the reliability that distinguishes it.

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