Modular conveyor belts

The high level of versatility of modular conveyor belts allows their use in a wide variety of sectors, from food to mechanics, and they represent the most suitable system for the transportation of packaged goods and products and for all those applications where adaptability, impact resistance and easy sanitisation  are required. The extreme simplicity and rapidity of repair of the conveyor belts make it the optimal solution for all those applications where it is important to avoid downtime for long periods.

The conveyor belts can be of the belt, modular chain, roller shutter, mesh, track, curvilinear and magnetic type and, thanks to their versatility, they represent the most practical and effective solution for the handling, on a horizontal level, at low, medium and high speed, of a vast array of food and non-food products, both loose and packaged, even of very small dimensions or in granules.

If you are looking for a company that is specialised in the custom design and construction of handling systems for your food and beverage industry, do not hesitate to contact us.


High performance and ease of sanitisation

Strengthened by consolidated experience in the sector, we design and manufacture a wide range of conveyor belts for applications in a wide variety of product sectors, capable of successfully satisfying any internal handling requirement.

High performance and ease of sanitisation are the distinctive elements that characterise the conveyor belts and, more generally, all of our production, which has always been renowned for its particular mechanical strength, reliability and high construction care.

We offer solutions that can be created in any length and width, with fixed or adjustable guides. Each technical specification is studied and customised according to the customer’s requirements.


We solve all your problems with customised solutions

The conveyor belts we manufacture are modular, therefore modifiable at any time by lengthening them or adding curved sections with customised solutions according to the customer’s needs.

Upon request they can be supplied complete with electrical panels with the possibility of connecting them in series.

Our company is active both nationally and internationally with the constant production of   diversified conveyor belts and aimed at companies in every sector: food, metals and iron, packaging, paper processing, waste sorting etc.

We carefully select the materials to be used for each conveyor belt line, preferring superior quality and overseeing the stainless steel processing, which is constantly at the forefront in terms of components.

From the analysis and design phase, based on the customer’s needs, we prepare the production, proposing the best solutions for maximum results and lower costs.

Our technical personnel carefully follow the creation of the product, the assistance and the maintenance, standing out on the market for their ability to solve any problem with customised solutions!

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