Cartesian telescopic palletisers

The Cartesian telescopic palletiser has been designed for those who, in small spaces, need to make the work of loading, arranging and stacking products on pallets automatic, quick and safe.

The Cartesian palletiser is programmed via PLC and this allows optimisation of the work cycles as required.

The system can handle bags, flexible bags, cartons, boxes, drums, bottles and any kind of item that is positioned and aligned on the pallets thanks to the multi-axis system with special customised grippers.

The palletisers we have created allow us to optimise business efficiencies, saving time and money as, thanks to these tools, the constant supervision of operators involved in the palletising and storing of goods is unnecessary.

Don’t know who to use for the customised production of an end-of-line system? Do you need a Cartesian telescopic palletiser for the handling and depositing of packs on pallets, cartons and crates? 

Trust us! All our products are complete with safety devices according to the current CE regulations.


Sturdiness, versatility and ease of use

An automatic palletiser ensures the supply of all the incoming and outgoing movements of the product to be palletised, management of the positioning of the interlayer, the handling of empty pallets and the transportation of full pallets.

Palletising takes place through the pick & place method, picking up the product individually or not and depositing it on the pallet according to the programmed scheme.

The palletiser can reach high speeds which vary according to the type of object to be palletised and the number of containers per layer. Upon request, the capabilities and speeds of the robots can be higher than the standard ones, thanks to multiple sockets and construction variants customised according to each type of requirement.

The solutions we supply are characterised by their particular qualities of robustness, versatility and ease of use.


We create ad hoc solutions

The vertical telescopic arm allows the use of various types of gripping modules and allows positioning of the packs also in high containers, such as carton-boxes, pallet-boxes and octabins.

The classic modular structure can be extended, according to requirements, to create palletising lines at multiple stations with various picking points being served.

The electronics used allow the creation of any type of layer, while the easy-to-use management software allows even the less experienced operators to quickly change the work program and even to modify the palletising scheme to adapt it to various requirements.

If you are looking for a company specialised in the design and customised production of Cartesian telescopic palletisers, do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote without obligation. We create ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientèle.