Pallet transportation systems

Within a company and in the production cycle, the handling and transportation of pallets is undoubtedly an essential element in most operations. The transportation of pallets and their storage are precise operations that must be carefully planned in order to connect the various process stations, from receipt to production and finally to shipping.

Key-Log designs, builds and supplies “turnkey” lines for the internal handling and automatic sorting of goods on pallets for industries and logistics. The company, together with all its personnel, supports the customer for the creation of the most suitable solution, whether the request concerns the increase in productivity or simply the handling of pallets within the company.

Are you looking for a company that is specialised in the production of conveyor belts? Contact Key-Log! The company deals with the design and customised production of pallet transport systems such as: pallet elevators, roller conveyors, shuttles, catenaries, corner diverters, rotating platforms, stackers, empty pallet storage points, modular belts, Cartesian telescopic palletisers and Intralox conveyor belts.


The main advantages provided by our systems

The pallet transportation systems guarantee a continuous flow of material and/or finished products to the various users, whether they are automatic systems or manual stand-alone stations.

The key points of our pallet transportation systems are:

  • Versatility: assembling individual modules it is possible to obtain a practically unlimited number of configurations, thus responding to those which are the customer’s specific needs. It is also possible to handle pallets of various psi and sizes.
  • Flexibility: any existing line can be easily and quickly expanded and/or reconfigured.
  • Easy maintenance: the basic elements are linked to each other by means of detachable connections which make the replacement of the functional units of the line quick and easy, guaranteeing high efficiency of the conveyor system.
  • Reliability: the materials and components used, as well as the stringent tests carried out under realistic operating conditions, ensure an efficient product immediately and for a long time.

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Strengthened by consolidated experience in the sector, we design and manufacture solutions for the transportation of pallets, according to the specific needs of the customer. Our production department is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated machinery available on the market which is optimally managed by expert and specialist personnel. Our company takes care of all stages of production: computerised design, construction, assembly and start-up. The latter two take place at the end customer’s premises.

Thanks to our pallet transportation systems, it will be possible to efficiently move, store and pick up even the most bulky of loads in any production or distribution operation.

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