Customised production of pallet stackers

The pallet stacker has been designed for companies that need to move empty pallets ; it is an independent modular unit, which adds efficiency to any handling and storage system for boxes, crates, containers and Euro pallets and, at the same time, protects employees from inadequate lifting of loads.

Through a system of motorised roller conveyors, the empty pallet is slid to the lifting seat where, by means of dedicated hooks, they are wedged into the pallet, lifting it. Once the set number of pieces has been reached, the system ejects the products from the lifting seat and accompanies them to the pick-up seat in complete autonomy.

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Some of the benefits provided by our pallet stackers

  • Reduction of time for stacking pallets
  • Savings in pallet handling costs
  • No manual pallet handling
  • Accident prevention at work
  • Greater order
  • Improvement of the working environment
  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduction of the pallet stacking area
  • Optimised pallet flow

The configuration of a system, the choice of the most suitable machines and their fine tuning are all key stages in determining the success of each installation in the field of industrial automation. For this reason, we always develop ad hoc designs for each different customer and for each different area of application.


Palletising and depalletising lines

A pallet stacker, designed and built to stack pallets, can be inserted both in a palletising line and in a depalletising line.

In the first case, the machine, thanks to robust levers, selects and unloads one pallet at a time into a motorised roller conveyor, transporting it to the palletising line.

In the second case, the machine removes the pallets from the line, stacking them, thus giving the possibility of unloading the stack directly by means of a forklift truck or into a pallet evacuation roller conveyor.

The stacker is fully adjustable and accepts pallet models with different sizes.

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