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The pallet elevators and descenders we produce are robust in construction and reliably solid. These automated systems are a fundamental component of industrial automation and represent a strategic choice for many sectors and production areas.


Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are customized to your specifications in full compliance with work safety regulations  and in accordance to EC machinery directives.  To receive an estimate, please supply dimensions and technical requirements. 



Specialized in the design and construction of automatic handling systems for palletized loads, we manufacture shuttles to transport and transfer pallets on rails.  The handling of loads even over long distances is possible by connecting one or more storage points, departments and/or processing areas.



The chain conveyors are suitable for handling and transporting pallets along the various stages of the production line. These solutions represent an alternative to roller conveyors and can be created with two or more branches of chains, also called redlers. They are suitable for the horizontal handling of pallets or roll containers.


Corner diverters

The corner diverters for pallets are used for 90° movements on roller conveyors and for moving of the load between roller conveyors. Thanks to a modular design, they are able to satisfy all requirements in terms of size, configuration and speed dictated by the customer.  Our solutions optimize pallet handling.


Rotating platforms

The rotating platform is a solution to divert the pallet using a roller or chain based system.  This system allows the load to move with speed in any direction with respect to entry, optimizing space and the handling route.


Empty pallet storage points

The pallet stacker has been designed for companies that need to move empty pallets.  It is an independent modular unit which adds efficiency to each pallet handling and storage system, while at the same time protecting employees from load lifting.


Modular belts

The high versatility level of modular conveyor belts allows their use in a wide variety of sectors, from food to mechanics.  They are most suitable system for the transportation of packaged goods and products and for those applications where adaptability, impact resistance, and easy sanitization are required.


Cartesian palletisers

The Cartesian telescopic palletiser has been designed for anyone seeking to make the work of loading, arranging and stacking products on pallets automatic, quick and safe. The Cartesian palletiser is programmed via PLC facilitating a streamlined work cycle.


Special systems

As the leading manufacturer of customized industrial handling systems, we provide the design and construction of Intralox conveyor belts, which set the performance and reliability standard in a wide range of applications and sectors.  These systems offer numerous advantages and excellent performance.

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